Strike Arabia Finals
Countdown to Summer Clash
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  • SAL 3 2021 (NA + Levant)
  • SAL 3 2021 (GCC + Iraq)

A Global Competitive Platform

The Road to the First International Title Begins Here

Assemble your team and get ready to join the ultimate battle, Agent, as we take you along a journey that promises great gunplays and exciting esports action on a regional and international scale, leading up to the first VALORANT championship title in the world.

A Tournament Open to All Ranks

Strike Arabia will test mettle and challenge limits in an arena open to both ambitious newcomers and battle-hardened veterans. All you need to bring is a team of skilled shooters.

A Tournament For the Arab World

We set out through Strike Arabia to find the best talents in the fifteen Arab countries from the regions of GCC & Iraq, Levant & Egypt, and North Africa, and give them a shot at competing on a global stage.

8 Teams Advance to the Grand Finals

It only took two seasons of Strike Arabia Championship and three seasons of Strike Arabia League, but we finally have the eight teams that will advance to the Grand Finals for a shot at the LCQ!

An Official Esports Roadmap

Strike Arabia is an extension of the VALORANT Champions Tour, and will enable the one victorious team in the Strike Arabia Grand Finals to qualify to the EMEA Last Chance Qualifiers, which in turn pave the way to the VCT.

Weekly Streams

We will bring you the heat and the excitement to your homes for the duration of the tournament, across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. The only question is - who will you root for?

It's Time To

Defy the Limits

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no; only players who are currently residing (living) in one of the 15 countries are able to join the Strike Arabia Championship.
Each team will have a pause allowance of 10 minutes maximum, depending on the type of match being played, to accommodate for connectivity issues. In general, we advice you to check your connection on the day of your match and make the necessary arrangements to avoid such issues.
Teams Qualified from SAC 1 : Nasr Esports - Fox Gaming - Geekay Esports / Teams Qualified from SAC 2: RA’AD - Majesty - Yalla Esports / Teams Qualified from SAL (1+2+3): Anubis Gaming - Piercer Esports
The top 8 teams qualified from the Strike Arabia 2021 roadmap will compete against each other in a BO3 double elimination bracket format starting from the 22nd of September till the 25th of September, while the Grand Finals will be held on the basis of BO5.
Strike Arabia will be streamed on the Valorant_Arabia Twitch channel, as well as our channels on YouTube and Facebook.
All games that are not featured on our channels may be streamed by anyone, players and non-players alike.
Depending on the stage of the tournament, we will be streaming 3 or 5 games during one day, ranging from best-of-ones, best-of-threes and best-of-fives.
The entire tournament will be online, streamed on our Twitch Channel (Valorant_Arabia) as well as our YouTube channel and Facebook page.
The games will take place online through the Toornament platform.
In case of emergencies, you will be able to ask one of your substitute players to join the game instead of the original player.