Unfortunately no; only players who are currently residing (living) in one of the 15 countries are able to join the Strike Arabia Championship.
Participation in the Strike Arabia is free for all players.
Yes, you can join the tournament as long as you are a resident of one of the 15 eligible countries, given that a team may only include two non-nationals.
No changes may be made to your team information after registration closes. Note that any attempt to make such changes will disqualify your team from the tournament.
Players in North Africa must play on the EU server, and the same applies to players in the Levant and Egypt, while players in GCC and Iraq must play on the Bahrain server, even if they are not currently residing in their respective regions.
No, the team members can be of different nationalities.
Yes, taking into account that the general rule for each team is to have a minimum of 3 main players residing in the region they are registered under, and a maximum of 2 players (mains, substitutes or one of each) from the two other regions. For example, a team registered under North Africa must have 3 main players residing in Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria, and can also have 2 players from GCC.

Tournament Mechanics

Unfortunately, no. To maintain integrity and fair play, you will not be entitled to join any other team if your team loses, and you will be considered out of the competition.
Each team is allowed 3 substitute players.
In case of emergencies, you will be able to ask one of your substitute players to join the game instead of the original player.
Each team will have a pause allowance of 10 minutes maximum, depending on the type of match being played, to accommodate for connectivity issues. In general, we advice you to check your connection on the day of your match and make the necessary arrangements to avoid such issues.
The games will take place online through the Toornament platform.
The entire tournament will be online, streamed on our Twitch Channel (Valorant_Arabia) as well as our YouTube channel and Facebook page.


Depending on the stage of the tournament, we will be streaming 3 or 5 games during one day, ranging from best-of-ones, best-of-threes and best-of-fives.
All games that are not featured on our channels may be streamed by anyone, players and non-players alike.
Strike Arabia will be streamed on the Valorant_Arabia Twitch channel, as well as our channels on YouTube and Facebook.

Strike Arabia Finals

The top 8 teams qualified from the Strike Arabia 2021 roadmap will compete against each other in a BO3 double elimination bracket format starting from the 22nd of September till the 25th of September, while the Grand Finals will be held on the basis of BO5.
The matches will be streamed between 22 and 25 September. Please check the Strike Arabia Finals Overview page for more details.