Strike Arabia League

Check back on this page in April to find out more details about the tournament format, participants, match timings, results and more.

The Road to the Championship

Strike Arabia League is the second division in this year's esports roadmap. It will be divided into three seasons, with the first one to commence in May, and will pave the way for two teams to join the Strike Arabia Grand Finals.

Unlike the Strike Arabia Championship, the League will occur across two sub-regions - North Africa & Levant, and GCC & Iraq - and will allow victorious teams to return in upcoming seasons. It will also feature a points system, which will be the basis for determining the League finalists and the two teams advancing to the Grand Finals.

We will reveal more information about the Strike Arabia League, the rules and the points system in the coming months, so keep an eye out for future updates on our social media channels.

  • 10 May

  • 2 Regions