Strike Arabia Championship
Rules & Regulations


1.1. Introduction

2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA is Riot Games’ second VALORANT esports event, a year-long event crowning regional champions across the world and paving the way for players to participate in the VALORANT Champions Tour.

1.2. Countries and Regions

The 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia Tournament is open to 15 countries, divided into their respective sub-regional tournament as follows:

1.2.1. Strike Arabia Championship

1.2.2. Strike Arabia League

1.3. 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Competitive Format

The competitive roadmap will begin in April, and will be divided into two tournaments. Strike Arabia Championship will be held twice in each sub region, while Strike Arabia League will be held three times across two sub-regions. 6 teams will qualify from Strike Arabia Championship, while two teams will qualify from the Strike Arabia Leagues. The eight teams will meet in the offline LAN event, Strike Arabia Grand Finals, held in September, and the victorious team will advance to the EMEA Last Chance Qualifiers in Europe, held between 14 and 17 October, for the opportunity to join the worldwide VCT Champions.


2.1. Tournament Format

The top 8 teams qualified from the Strike Arabia 2021 roadmap will compete against each other in a BO3 double elimination bracket format starting from the 22nd of September till the 25th of September, while the Grand Finals will be held on the basis of BO5.

  • Teams Qualified from SAC 1 : Nasr Esports - Fox Gaming - Geekay Esports.
  • Teams Qualified from SAC 2: RA’AD - Majesty - Yalla Esports
  • Teams Qualified from SAL (1+2+3): Anubis Gaming - Piercer Esports
  • Timeline


    3.1. Player Age

    No player shall be considered eligible to participate in any Match comprising a 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA event before his or her [16th] birthday, defined as having lived [16] full years.

    3.2. Player Country

    Players - main players and substitute players - must be residents in one of the 15 participating countries:


    4.1. Roster Lock

    4.1.1. Teams participating in 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia Finals may not add or drop players from their roster at any point after the end of the roster submission period (10 September).

    4.1.2. Each team captain must create an account on Toornament, then register their team on the Strike Arabia 2021 (Finals) tournament on the Toornament site. 

    4.1.3. A player is only allowed to compete for one 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia team and cannot be registered on the roster of more than one Strike Arabia 2021 (Finals) team. 

    4.1.4. A team’s roster can have a maximum of eight players (5 main + 3 substitutes). 

    4.1.5. The roster of a Strike Arabia 2021 (Finals) team needs to include at least 6 players (5 main + 1 substitute). 

    4.1.6. The proposed team name entered upon registration may be in English or Arabic; however, it may not be offensive, racist or sexual in nature. If found to be in violation of this rule, the team will be disqualified 

    4.1.7. Teams are required to play with the team members they have registered with (no name changes are allowed after the end of the roster submission period). 

    4.1.8. Changes made to any kind of information in your roster submission application are prohibited after the roster submission period closes on the 10th of September. Any attempt to modify information will automatically disqualify your team from the tournament.

    4.2. Interregional Movement Policy Roster Restrictions

    The main lineup of any given team must include at least three players who are residents of the region under which the team is registered. For example, if a team is registered under GCC and Iraq, it must include at least three main players who are currently living in the GCC and Iraq, regardless of nationality.

    Furthermore, a team may include a maximum of two players who are not residents in a given sub-region, provided they are living in one of the 15 eligible countries; for example, a GCC team may include two team members who are currently living in Egypt.

    4.3. Emergency Substitutions

    In the event of an emergency at any point during a match, a team will be given up to ten minutes to produce an eligible Substitute on-site. If a replacement cannot be found then the team will forfeit. Tournament officials will determine if an incident qualifies as an emergency. Any substitute must be a member of the team roster.

    4.4. Coaches

    For online tournaments held as part of a 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA event (“Online Events”), at least one of the team’s designated coaches may be connected to the official voice communication system in the lobby and will only be allowed to talk to players and others during the Agent and Map Selection process for each match, timeouts, half-times and in between Maps (if applicable).

    Only pre-registered coaches on the Toornament website during the registration period can join the lobby in his team’s coach spot during any game.


    5.1. Changes to Schedule

    Tournament Officials may, at their sole discretion, re-order the schedule of matches within a given day and/or change the date of a match to a different date or otherwise modify the schedule of matches. In the event that the Tournament Admins modify a match schedule, they will notify all teams as soon as possible.

    5.1.1. Tournament Admin Responsibilities

    “Admins” are tournament officials who work on behalf of the Tournament Operator and are subject to the direction, review and oversight of the Head Admin. Tournament admins shall be entitled to:

    5.1.2. Finality of Judgment

    All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling and staging of the event, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with the Head Admin, the decisions of which are final. Head Admin decisions with respect to these Rules cannot be appealed and shall not give rise to any claim for monetary damages or any other legal or equitable remedy.

    5.2. Competitive Patches

    Matches will be played on the current patch available on VALORANT’s live service.

    5.2.1. New Agents

    New Agents will be automatically restricted for two weeks from their release on live service.

    5.2.2. New Maps

    New Maps will be automatically restricted for four weeks from their release on live service.

    5.2.3. Additional Restrictions

    Additional Restrictions (e.g. disabling certain weapons) may be added by Riot representatives at any time before or during a match, if there are known bugs with any items, Agents, skins, or abilities.

    5.3. Pre-Match Setup

    5.3.1. Timelines of Match Start

    It is expected that players will resolve any issues with the setup process within the allotted time and that the match will begin at the scheduled time. Sanctions for tardiness may be assessed at the discretion of Tournament Admins. All teams and players must follow the schedule time set on the Toornament site for each bracket.

    5.3.2. Match Lobby Creation

    When the brackets are revealed, the two captains should add each other in the game and the upper bracket captain is responsible for creating the lobby and inviting the lower bracket captain. The upper bracket captain is responsible for following the rules under Match Setup and Play Restrictions.

    5.3.3. Online Matches

    For Online Matches that are part of a 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA event Players will be expected to confirm readiness at a time specified by Tournament Adminss prior to each match. Players are responsible for ensuring the performance of their chosen setup, including computer hardware and peripherals, internet connection, DDOS protection and power. Issues with this setup are not an acceptable reason for lateness or pausing beyond a Team’s allowance.

    5.4. Starting the Match

    5.4.1. Players must search for the Riot IDs of their opponents from their upcoming matches on the Toornament site, or in the sheet that will be provided by Tournament Admins.

    5.4.2. Team captains must use the Toornament site lobby in order to communicate anything related to their match (for example, map & side selection).

    5.4.3. Team A captain must follow the Lobby settings when creating the Lobby.

    5.4.4. After the two team captains confirm their readiness, the Lobby owner can start the match.

    5.5.5. Each team must be in the Lobby within 15 minutes from the official time of each match as scheduled on Toornmanet. Failure to do so shall entitle the Tournament Admin to disqualify the team for their tardiness.

    5.5. Match Setup and Play Restrictions

    5.5.1. Lobby Settings

    The official Match lobby will be set to “Tournament” mode with “Overtime: Win by Two” turned on.

    No observers other than Tournament Admins may enter the lobby.

    5.5.2. Server Selection

    5.5.3. Map Pool

    The map pool consists of Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, Icebox and Breeze. Any additional maps released in-game will be added to the 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA map pool in accordance with the New Maps condition.

    5.5.4. Map Selection Process

    Any team on the top side or left side of the bracket shall be considered as Team A, while teams on the bottom or right side of the bracket shall be considered as Team B, given that team placements are randomized on Toornament before the beginning of each stage.

    5.5.5. Map Selection for Best of One Matches:

    5.5.6. Map Selection Process for Best of Three Matches

    5.5.7. Map Selection Process for Best of Five Matches

    5.5.8. Start of Agent Selection Process

  • Once Agent Select has started, Players will have (85) seconds to pick their Agent, with both Teams picking simultaneously. If a Player picks an Agent by mistake during this phase, the Player must notify a Tournament admin of their intended selection before the Agent Select timer expires. In this case the Agent Select process will be restarted with the same Picks up until the mistake occurred, after which the Player must choose their intended Agent. In the case the Player notifies a Tournament Admin after the timer has expired, the Agent Select process will not be restarted and the Player will be required to play through.
  • 5.5.9. Match Start After Agent and Map Selection

    A match will start immediately after the Agent/Map Selection process is complete, unless otherwise stated by a Tournament Admin. Players are not allowed to quit a Map during the time between the completion of picks/bans and Map launch, also known as “Free Time.”

    5.5.10. Controlled Match Start

    In the event of an error in Match start or a decision by Tournament Admins to separate the pick/ban process from Match start, a Tournament Admin may start the Match in a controlled manner and all maps will be selected in accordance with the previous valid completed pick/ban process.

    5.5.11. Slow Client Load

    If a game crash, disconnect, or any other failure occurs which interrupts the loading process and prevents a player from joining a Match upon its start, the Match must be immediately paused until all ten players are connected to the Match.

    5.5.12. Restrictions on Gameplay Elements

    Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a Match, if there are known or suspected bugs with any Agents, skins or maps, or for any other reason as determined at the discretion of Tournament Admins.

    5.5.13. Substitutions during Tournament Play

    For Matches involving more than one Map (i.e., a best-of-three or best-of-five Match), a Team may replace their then-current Starters with Substitutes in between Maps, provided that the Team informs the opposing Team and receives approval from the admins of such substitution no later than five minutes after the conclusion of the previous game. In the event that a Player disconnects during a map and is unable to return within the allocated pause time, the Team will be permitted to replace them with a Substitute from their Roster. Any substitutions must result in the Team having an eligible Roster or Starting Lineup.

    5.6. Pauses and Crashes

    5.6.1. Timeouts (Tactical Pauses)

    Teams are allowed to call Timeouts of 30 seconds in duration one time per map. Timeouts can be called via the in-game pause system.

    5.6.2. Pause Allowance

    Every team has a maximum of 10 minutes of pause time per match.

    Pausing beyond allowance-time will be considered unfair play and match must be unpaused. If a team disregards the pause allowance rules, contact an admin immediately via our channels on discord.

    5.6.3. Game Crash 

    Any crash, bug or disconnection that happens during the agent selection or during the game must be reported with a valid supporting proof. The admins will review the report and proof and will make the decision of either continuing the game or remaking it depending on the situation.


    6.1. Results

    6.1.1. Team captains must report their match results after each match and contact one of the Tournament Admins to make sure that the right result is confirmed.

    6.1.2. Team captains must follow the Match Result Reporting rule under Article 6.5.

    6.2. Tech Notes

    Players will identify any technical issues with Tournament Officials.

    6.3. Between Maps

    For online events, the standard time for transition in between Maps is maximum of ten (10) minutes from the time of the last Map’s Round.

    6.4. Results of Forfeiture

    Matches won by forfeit will be reported by the minimum score it would take for one Team to win the Match (e.g. 1-0 for best-of-1 Matches, 2-0 for best-of-three Matches, 3-0 for best-of-five Matches). No other statistics will be recorded for forfeited Matches.

    6.5. Match Result Reporting

    To ensure that match results are updated correctly and prevent any issues with upcoming matches, team captains are required to follow the steps below:

    6.5.1. Visit the Toornament website.

    6.5.2. Login with the account used to register the team.

    6.5.3. Select “My Matches”, then select the match that was just played.

    6.5.4. Click “Report” and fill in the results of the match, while adding any notes (if any) for the admins to review.

    6.5.5. A screenshot must be attached as a proof in the results reporting page (mandatory).

    Instructions from the Toornament site can be found HERE.

    Note: In case of any problems while reporting the results, captains are required to contact a Tournament Admin on Discord immediately.


    Foul language, offensive and disruptive behavior, and disregard to the pause allowance rules will not be tolerated from any player and will result in one of the following penalties:

    In extreme cases of foul language or offensive and disruptive behavior, the team or player will be disqualified or banned immediately by the Tournament Organizer.


    During the 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA competition, teams shall have the opportunity to earn prize money based on their level of performance in the event.

    8.1. Strike Arabia Championship

    8.1.1. The prize pool for each season of Strike Arabia Championship shall be $12,000, divided equally among the three regions, i.e. each region shall have a prize pool of $4,000 per season.

    8.1.2. The prize pool of each region shall be divided among the top three teams as follows:

    8.2. Strike Arabia League

    8.2.1. The prize pool for each season of Strike Arabia League shall be $6,000, divided equally among the two regions, i.e. each region shall have a prize pool of $3,000 per season.

    8.2.2. The prize pool of each region shall be divided among the top three teams as follows:

    8.3. Strike Arabia Grand Finals

    The prize pool of the Strike Arabia Grand Finals shall be $50,000.

    8.4. Prize Disbursement

    Prizes will be disbursed to winners after 45 working days from the end of the Strike Arabia competitive roadmap.

    8.5. Prize Recipient

    The prize shall be disbursed to the player or person representing the entire team, given that the identity of the representative shall be decided upon among the players


    Team members can contact the Tournament Operator at [DISCORD SERVER FOR VALORANT] for all communication and support. Team captains must join the 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA discord server and contact one of the available admins with the following:

    1. Team name and region.
    2. Confirmation that all team members are aware of their match times and they are all prepared and ready.
    3. Captain’s Riot ID + TAG.


    10.1. Tournament Operator’s Right of Interpretation

    Any matters relating to a 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA event that are not covered by these 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Rules or the Global Policy will be subject to an interpretation made by the Tournament Operator and provided to the Teams from time to time in the form of an update to, or interpretation of, these 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Rules or the Global Policy. All decisions made by the Tournament Operator and Tournament Admins in regard to interpretations of these 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Rules and the Global Policy are final and binding.

    10.2. Business Judgment

    Whenever these 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Rules or the Global Policy grant, confer or reserve to Riot or the Tournament Operator the right to take action, refrain from taking action, grant or withhold consent or grant or withhold approval or make any other determination, unless the provision specifically states otherwise, each of Riot and the Tournament Operator will have the right to engage in such activity in its sole discretion based on its own business judgment, taking into consideration its assessment of the best interests of Riot and the Tournament Operator and the short and long term interests of the Official Competitions, the 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA events, VALORANT and the businesses and activities of the affiliates and group companies of Riot and the Tournament Operator. Neither a Team nor a Team Member will have any claim or cause of action based on an assertion that Riot, the Tournament Operator or any Tournament Admin has unreasonably withheld or delayed any consent, approval, determination or other requested action under these 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Rules or the Global Policy.

    10.3. Language

    The original 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Rules have been written in the English language. In the event of an unintentional conflict in interpretation between the English version and such translation, the English version will control.

    10.4. Amendment

    These rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by Tournament Organizer, from time to time, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the 2021 VALORANT Strike Arabia MENA Roadmap.